A basic understanding of key concepts and approaches is necessary for successful use of our research products

Training is a key component of our projects

We work closely together with our clients to deliver results that fit their strategy and daily practice. To successfully implement research products and recommendations in the long run, a basic understanding of key underlying concepts and approaches is necessary. This is why training is a key component of our projects.

Focus on urgent issues

Our training programs for organizations and individuals treat the following topics:

  • Economic valuation of ecosystem services and its use for sustainable development
  • Impact and dependence of business on natural capital
  • Sustainable financing of nature conservation, biodiversity and protected areas
  • Measuring and monitoring the impact of sustainable investments and nature conservation
  • Stakeholder engagement to implement nature conservation and sustainable development solutions

Highest quality standards

We develop our training sessions and courses in close collaboration with the VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, thus ensuring the highest quality standards. On complementary topics, we work with an international network of highly skilled experts. We align with ISO standards 14007 Environmental management and 14008 Monetary valuation of environmental impacts and related environmental aspects.

We provide professionals in the private sector with training in the use of the Natural Capital Protocol, among other internationally validated protocols.

Wolfs Company is a member of the SDG House, the Capitals Coalition and the Ecosystem Services Partnership.

Training projects 

Natural capital of Terschelling

Wolfs Company, in collaboration with the Wadden Academy (Waddenacademie) and VU University Amsterdam, provided a natural capital workshop on the island of Terschelling on the 19th of September. Around 20 public sector, NGO and local

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