Financial Planning for Marine Parks in Belize and Honduras


“Using Wolfs’ new financial planning tool has helped us to clearly identify financial gaps, and the challenge is to continually find ways of diversifying our funding sources. We have a great start with generating our own income through TIDE Tours, but fundraising is an ongoing task”, said the Executive Director of TIDE Belize, co-manager of Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Ms. Celia Mahung.

Wolfs Company conducted a two-phase project over the last 18 months to assist TIDE Belize and the Roatan Marine Park (RMP, Honduras) in their financial planning and the identification of sustainable financing mechanisms for nature conservation in the long-term.

 In Phase II of this project (2018), Wolfs Company developed a tailored financial planning tool and trained TIDE and RMP in its usage to support marine protected area management. TIDE and RMP had previously exchanged experiences during a workshop held in Belize and applied the Eco2Fin Sustainable Finance Framework developed by Wolfs Company to identify possible interventions for the improvement of their sustainable financing strategies.

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