Analysis and Research

We deliver quantitative reports, analysis or advice, that helps you move your case forward

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Any sustainable development strategy, plan or policy decision should start with profound research. Building on the strong analytical skills that define our team, we provide solid evidence and advice to our clients. This ranges from spatial to economic or financial analysis on subjects such as climate change adaptation or mitigation, biodiversity conservation and investments in sustainability.

Quantitative outcomes

We apply up-to-date scientific methodologies for quantitative and spatial modelling, fitted to the subject and goals of the project. We generate our own data or use third-party data that match our quality standards. Using sophisticated data processing methods and algorithms, we are able to handle big amounts of data from various sources.
We deliver quantitative reports, analysis or advice, that help our clients move their case forward.

Sharing expertise

We conduct research as part of our own projects, but we also work with partners, managing or supervising their analysis and research. We provide trainings and courses to organizations and individual practitioners to share our expertise on research methods and practice.

Analysis and research projects