Sustainable development

We connect science and strategy to serve your sustainability goals

Scientific basis for supporting sustainable policy, business and investment strategies

Healthy ecosystems and rich biodiversity are essential for a healthy living environment. In fact, they are at the core of our survival. Degraded natural environments undisputedly lead to natural disasters (e.g. droughts, storms, floods and wildfires), pandemic outbreaks, economic loss, poverty, unhealthy environments, etc. As we all know by now, these severe impacts can lead to global crises and planetary security issues.

Evidence-based knowledge

Governments, private sectors, organizations and NGOs are increasingly aware of the relation between economic, social issues and the natural environment. We provide a solid basis for a sustainable development strategy, by creating evidence-based, in-depth knowledge of these relations and the impact of their proposed strategies.

We quantify (co-)dependencies, develop scenarios for different strategies/policies and so analyze the impact of programs and investments. This is the scientific basis for supporting policy, business and investment strategies focusing on sustainable development, in the sense of avoiding potential economic, social or ecological loss where possible.

Developing policies and strategies

Conservation organizations and governments are often faced with competing demands and priorities when it comes to achieving their conservation goals. Wolfs Company assists them to build effective, informed conservation strategies and maximize their environmental and social impact.

Our advice supports policy and helps conservation organizations to find their niche, which enhances their value and role in the international, regional and local conservation arenas.

Share knowledge and strategy

In our trainings and courses, we want our clients to be able to apply these approaches and methods by giving them the knowledge and tools to use. Moreover, we can develop policy brief, documentaries and other means to reach out and communicate the strategy to any stakeholder.

Sustainable development projects

Good Island Governance

Government as Shareholder Small islands, such as Bonaire, have many government owned companies that deliver public goods (e.g. water, electricity and connectivity). The economic scale is limited, so the government steps in and is either

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