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We fuel sustainable development with evidence-based insight, strategies and business models for responsible natural resource management.

Let nature work with and for you. Let us do the math.

Since April 25, Wolfs Company is proud to be part of Impact House. The leading center of expertise in sustainability and impact! Click here for more info.

Contribute towards a sustainable future

Nature. It’s essential to life on earth. To our lives, economies and societies. Yet, we tend to take it for granted. And even overuse it. It’s time to reevaluate our natural environment, and how we affect it.

Wolfs Company does exactly that. We put numbers on nature and create insight in our interactions with it. The indispensable basis for developing effective policies and business strategies, and secure funding for on-the-ground actions. And we calculate the impact of nature conservation, industry and company policies, investments on our natural resources and economies. 

Wolfs Company cooperates with the private sector, NGOs, governments and investors. Together we shape a sustainable future.

The Wolfscompass

Responsible natural resource management is all about making the right choices based on the right information. We provide you with that. We deliver the building blocks for your sustainability strategy. 

Click the compass to find the toolkits you need. Ranging from helping you to develop a conservation strategy to delivering the research data you need to substantiate your own sustainability policy.

Our compass will guide you towards a sound sustainability policy.

Who we are working with

Tailor-made and hands-on

Wolfs Company assists your sustainability road map with a custom-made program. Our projects range from inventory research to developing and implementing strategies.

Who we are working for

Public sector

We help governments to measure and monitor the impact of investments and/or policy on the economy, social and cultural realms and the environment.

Private sector

We help you put the right cards on the table to push the sustainability agenda in your company.


We deliver a quantitative, integral report of the positive and negative, financial and non-financial impacts of investments.

Maybe you?

Lets connect and see what we can do together.

Incorporate the value of natural capital in economic decision making

Impact management

We help you put the right cards on the table to push the sustainability agenda in your company.

Value of ecosystem services

What can be done for businesses and governments, can be done for investors who seek sustainable and financially investments.

Sustainable Development Strategy

We quantify (co-)dependencies, develop scenarios for different strategies and calculate the impact of programs and investments.

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