Monitoring and evaluation

We design and assess ecological, social and economic indicators at all monitoring levels

Monitoring is crucial for effective management

Monitoring projects, investments and policy implementation is crucial for effective management and adaptability. It is also vital for communicating with stakeholders, shareholders and board members.

Robust monitoring frameworks and dashboards

Developing the relevant indicators and gathering the proper data is a jigsaw that we readily solve with our clients. We design and assess ecological, social and economic indicators at all monitoring levels. Our expertise in data collection is certainly helpful.
We set up monitoring frameworks and protocols that are simple and effective. They enable our clients to monitor whether their activities and funds are deployed effectively and create the expected impact.
We design dashboards to manage and communicate this new insight. Our dashboards are practical, customized and generate targeted reporting to different relevant stakeholders.

Supporting effective governance

The governance of the monitoring and evaluation framework is yet another challenge. For a successful implementation of a monitoring framework, it is essential to assign responsibility, accountability, and management lines.
Sometimes our clients need to institutionalize this framework with their partner organizations, bringing in a new set of challenges to set up a shared monitoring and evaluation framework. But our experience and knowledge guide them through the process.

Using validated approaches

We use the results chain model (OECD) and other internationally validated frameworks to assess causal links between inputs, impacts and all intermediate levels of operations and results.

Monitoring and evaluation projects

Good Island Governance

Government as Shareholder Small islands, such as Bonaire, have many government owned companies that deliver public goods (e.g. water, electricity and connectivity). The economic scale is limited, so the government steps in and is either

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Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds

Wolfs Company and our partner Aligning Visions  were commissioned by the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) and a Task Force of around 20 international experts to develop the 2020 version of the Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds,

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How does natural capital contribute to SDGs?

Wolfs Company and Yabi Consultancy have recently been awarded a Microgrant from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network to explore and monitor the contribution of ecosystem services to the achievement of SDGs in Aruba. This

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Dashboard for impact investors

Wolfs Company has developed a framework to monitor and assess investors’ impact and presenting key results through an attractive dashboard. The framework builds on the results-based management approach used by OECD, integrating natural capital and

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