Conservation finance

We deliver evidence-based business cases to motivate governments, donors and investors to support protected areas

Successful conservation finance solutions are context specific

Biodiversity conservation often depends on funds that are scarce and short-term. Wolfs Company assists biodiversity conservation organizations, conservation trust funds, governments and others involved in biodiversity conservation with designing and implementing long-lasting solutions to inadequate funding.

Bridging the funding gap

We help forecast resource needs and design strategies to bridge the gap between available and required funds for conservation. We support these strategies with evidence-based business cases to motivate donors, investors and other possible partners to engage in conservation finance solutions.

Examples of conservation finance solutions are increasingly diverse, but successful replication is largely determined by context-specific factors. By working closely with stakeholders and experts, we help design and implement the most effective approaches for each case.

Holistic frameworks

Our assessments and strategies build on holistic frameworks and sound data. Our advice takes into consideration enabling conditions and obstacles in the administrative, environmental, political, financial, social and legal domains. Success of our projects is bolstered with hands-on training, mentoring tracks and guidance materials.

Conservation finance projects

Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds

Wolfs Company and our partner Aligning Visions  were commissioned by the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) and a Task Force of around 20 international experts to develop the 2020 version of the Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds,

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