Good Island Governance


Government as Shareholder

Small islands, such as Bonaire, have many government owned companies that deliver public goods (e.g. water, electricity and connectivity). The economic scale is limited, so the government steps in and is either part or sole shareholder. This results in the prerogative to co-design the long-term development goals of the companies, either actively or passively by approval rights.  

Policy Alignment

Where the government is the shareholder, there is a strong case for its companies to highlight the way in which they contribute to long term value creation in terms of human well-being and the (spatial) environment. Therein considering non-financial outputs such as health, education, biodiversity and climate. Companies, depending on size and sector, have an impact on people and the planet. And thereby, have a responsibility that stretches further than solely satisfying shareholder financial interests.

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Wolfs Company helps governments understand opportunities by first delivering an analysis of the corporate governance structure. Wolfs Company helps governments manage their shareholder responsibilities by developing a policy framework to strengthen governance, harness capacity and follow-up with implementation efforts. We help governments achieve policy alignment between public sector development agendas and company development goals.

If governments choose to set a premium on sustainability and well-being through their shareholder prerogatives, the result is reinforced and collaborative policy impact.