Nature and Environment Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands


Nature & Environment policy development

In 2019, the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality (LNV), Infrastructure & Water (I&W), and Interior & Kingdom Affairs (BZK) commissioned Wolfs Company to develop the Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) Caribbean Netherlands 2020-2030. This policy document was ratified by the Dutch parliament in March 2020. As of its new formation in December 2021, the Dutch government has reserved 35 million euro for the realisation of the first phase (ending in 2025) of the NEPP 2020 – 2030, as communicated through the budgettaire bijlage coalitieakkoord 2021-2025 (final bullet on p.18).

In February 2022, the government of St. Eustatius has announced that it will officially begin with the implementation of the NEPP in a joint effort with the three Dutch ministeries mentioned above.

Stakeholder engagement

The content of the plan has been developed in mutual cooperation between the Dutch ministries, the Public Entities of the Caribbean Netherlands. Wolfs Company organized many sessions, actively engaging a wide range of stakeholders in the Caribbean and European parts of the Netherlands.

Vision for 10-years

This important document sets the framework for the nature and environment policy in the Caribbean Netherlands for the coming 10 years.  The vision of the policy is to create a resilient and healthy natural environment in which the precious species and ecosystems of the Caribbean Netherlands are conserved. While, at the same time, the natural environment is able to support the socioeconomic development and the cultural identity of the three islands. Subsequently, four strategic goals have been identified.

Strategic goals of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan Caribbean Netherlands 2020-2030
Read more about the Nature and Environment Policy Plan Caribbean Netherlands 2020-2030 on the website of the Dutch Parliament.