Ecosystem Services review of salmon aquaculture in Southern Chile


Healthy ecosystems are essential for the health and productivity of many businesses. Aquaculture is one of these businesses. However, the impacts and dependencies of this productive sector on the ecosystems where aquaculture companies operate have not been widely researched. This study, which applied the Ecosystem Services Review Methodology developed by the Worlds Resources Institute, contributes to the understanding of the impact and dependencies of a large salmon aquaculture company in the South of Chile on the natural and social environment in which it operates. The project also resulted in the identification of key business opportunities and risks resulting from these impacts and dependencies and on an outline of strategies that could be pursued to mitigate these risks and pursue these opportunities.

With the support of WWF-The Netherlands and Rabobank, as part of their partnership, we conducted an Ecosystem Services Review on a major salmon aquaculture company in the South of Chile. The project was commissioned by WWF-Chile and the salmon aquaculture company volunteered to participate in this study, in the framework of a MoU between these two organizations.