Webinar Economic Valuation WWF

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In their work to establish or improve the management of MPAs, marine conservation practitioners face the complexity of proving the value of the area and its ecosystem services towards stakeholders such as government and industries. As our societies are driven by socio-economics, showing the socio-economic value of a marine area can be most helpful to bridge the gap. By speaking the language of the government and sectors active in the area, you can make the case for ocean protection. During this webinar organized by WWF-The Netherlands as part of their MPA Action Agenda, three cases were presented on how ecosystem approaches such as ecosystem valuations can provide tools and knowledge for conservationists to implement actions responding to local policy issues. The following examples of work conducted by Wolfs Company were presented: the scenarios of sustainable tourism development of the Galápagos Archipelago, the interdependence of a Chilean salmon aquaculture company on ecosystems, and the economic value of the St. Eustatius MPA spatially. WWF representatives commented on the value of these approaches. The recording of the webinar can be viewed through this link: