Why is insight into natural capital so important for cruise companies?

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This webinar offered by GIZ, the Natural Capital Coalition and Wolfs Company provides deep insight into the benefits and relevance of developing evidence on the opportunities and risks that may arise from impacts and dependencies of cruise companies on natural capital. This type of insight can be created by applying the Natural Capital Protocol. Cruise companies depend on the natural environment of their destinations because tourists often choose cruise vacations to enjoy beautiful land- and seascapes. The impacts of cruise companies on the same destinations, however, can affect local businesses and the cruise tourism industry itself. Local businesses such as tour-operator agencies, hotels and restaurants benefit directly from cruise tourism, especially in small island economies, but the pressure that this increased demand puts on the destinations can also create social and environmental impacts that ultimately affect the experience of tourists. A deep understanding of this process by the cruise industry can support the development of sustainable strategies for the cruise companies together with their destinations. For this purpose, the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) provides a useful framework approach that addresses the linkages between business performance and natural capital.