Nature based solutions guidelines World Bank (& Wolfs Co.)


Wolfs Company contributed to World Bank’s publication, Implementing nature-based flood protection: Principles and implementation guidance, by sharing insights into the economic value of natural capital in disaster mitigation of coastal flooding events; as well as experience assessing the vulnerability of man-made capital to this kind of natural hazards.

The purpose of World Bank’s guidance is to facilitate implementing a structured and consistent approach to design and apply nature-based solutions as an alternative or complement to hard-engineering measures to reduce flood risk. The publication nurtures from several examples of green infrastructure projects in river basins (e.g. reforestation and green embankments), coastal zones (e.g. mangroves and wetlands) and cities (e.g. urban parks), scaling up guiding principles and creating a step wise approach to apply this kind of solutions. It is aimed at professionals working in disaster risk management and climate adaptation who plan flood risk management interventions in a variety of settings, NGOs that often implement nature-based solutions, as well as staff of donors and international agencies who design, review or fund such projects.