Natural Capital Conference – Let’s talk business!

Our Presence

The Natural Capital Conference, organised by the Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (Platform BEE) was held on 23th and 24th November in The Hague, back-to-back to the European Union Business and Biodiversity Platform, EU B&B Platform, Annual Conference. Wolfs Company was invited to present the results of applying the Ecosystem Services Review for a salmon aquaculture company in Chile. The outcomes of assessing the importance of natural capital on business operations were shown, as well as those of designing strategies to incorporate natural capital into business operations and evaluating the cost-efficiency of these strategies. Based on this experience Wolfs Company developed an ecology scan to quickly assess business risks related to natural capital. This project was a joint venture between Los Fiordos (Agro Super), WWF, Rabobank, the VU University in Amsterdam and Wolfs Company. The presentation during the Natural Capital Conference was supported by COSME.

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