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Wolfs Company values natural capital. We support civil organizations and the public and private sectors in maximizing the economic and social benefits of ecosystems. Wolfs Company demonstrates the economic contribution and other intrinsic values nature provides. Our work is tailored towards the challenges our clients face, and delivers concrete and constructive results that can create an impact in practice.

We believe that evidence based research on the value of natural capital contributes to business performance, sustainable development, well-being and conservation of natural resources.

Our core team is a skilled flexible group of professionals with international experience. Our background covers business, economics, ecology and law. We perform our research very closely with the Institute for Environmental Studies at the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we work with a network of international experts, amongst others in statistics, biology, ecology, hydrology and finance.


To incorporate the value of natural capital in economic decision-making processes we focus on 5 products.

TEEB Studies: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (http://www.teebweb.org/) is an international initiative that aims to make the important value of the earths ecosystems visible. By quantifying the value of ecosystem goods and services, Wolfs Company provides insight in the importance of ecosystems and creates transparency about the beneficiaries.

Decision support: many decisions in the public and private sectors affect the natural environment and beneficiaries thereof. Through scenario development and extended cost-benefit analysis, Wolfs Company enables its clients to make well-informed decisions in which effects on natural capital and the social environment are incorporated.

Sustainable financing: despite the enormous benefits that are provided by our natural capital, finances for nature management are hard to come by. Together with the VU University, Wolfs Company developed a framework that identifies obstacles for sustainable financing streams and helps its clients to overcome these in practice.

Business improvement: Wolfs Company beliefs that it is paramount to stimulate sustainable use of natural resources in the private sector. Economic activity depends on the natural environment, but at the same time threatens it. We support the private sector to manage their interaction with the natural environment sustainably.

Communications: In order to incorporate the values of natural capital in decision-making processes, the actual decision-makers need to understand how the natural environment contributes to our wellbeing. We therefore train public and private sector agents in the concept of ecosystem services and how to apply environmental economics in their day-to-day work.